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2014/11/09 21:05
My Baba was born in Sepurine, I stayed with a cousin who lives there while on holiday in 99. I met many distant relatives they were extremely kind and hospitable.

Username or just about any name
2014/04/15 16:28

Username or just about any name
2013/08/26 20:36

2013/03/07 23:25
My friend and I spent one of the best weeks in our lives in Zaostrag in 1987 !! We stayed with the Musik family, spent every day at the beach and dinner every night at the "Ribar" restaurant.

Username or just about any name
2013/01/27 19:37
We are staying in Razanj end of June ,Looking for buses to Trogir/Sibenik can you advise

Username or just about any name
2012/07/30 18:04

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